Who We Are

The Hatch is a fully integrated Preschool and Daycare that provides a safe, high quality and nature friendly environment for little ones to learn and grow. We are humbled to be the premier 24/7 childcare facility in Colombo that provides these services under one roof.

Our Story

How do you balance this fast-paced life? Is there more to life than a high-flying job with great perks and social status? What’s the best for your children and the family? Like many of us, Ann and Anjalie were both grappling with these questions as they became young mothers. Both have spent over a decade each establishing their professional careers in a multinational banking corporation. They understood the need of having careers as young parents while giving the best for their children at the same time.

And thus, The Hatch was birthed by two mothers who simply wanted the best for their toddlers. This was never thought or founded as a business. It was their response to a deeper calling in life, something that resonates with their purpose in life – something spiritual. A mission fulfilled by ‘enriching lives’ of those around them.

All the facilities and services offered by The Hatch were designed with 2 things in mind;

  • attractive learning environment that is child-friendly.
  • One stop solution for both early childhood care and pre-school education.

Our Mission & Vision

Simply put, our mission is to enrich the lives of every soul that is connected to The Hatch.

Our Children – We offer them a safe environment with joyful learning experiences that nurtures them to become the holistic little humans they are meant to be!

Our Parents – We offer them peace of mind, convenience and flexibility to focus on their extended commitments around the clock while ensuring the safety and high-quality standards in care and learning for their precious children.

Our Team – We are happy and fulfilled with the pleasure of living our passion; to care and nurture these little lives, one day at a time.

Our Community – We are committed to our responsibilities in all forms and functions we represent. We deliver and we continue to raise the bar!

Our Teachers

Our team of teachers are indeed our greatest asset and a massive strength. Apart from being well experienced and qualified in early childhood education, we have taken great care in selecting them for their virtues of patience, compassion, empathy and immense love for our children. They are mindful of being efficient and competent in providing the quality learning environment while prioritizing the emotional engagement above all.

They are trained and qualified in first aid, child hygiene and are regularly up skilled to maintain the higher standards of services we provide – and they are top entertainers!

Our Curriculumn

Our curriculum represents a conscious and systematic selection of knowledge, skills and values, and articulates both competencies necessary for lifelong learning, holistic development and a more balanced approach, that takes into account individual children's developmental stages, learning styles, and educational needs which benefits each and every child. The curriculum is tailored by our qualified teachers to best fit the needs of the child group. The children are allowed to engage in independent and self-directed learning activities.

We have small group sized of kids to ensure providing individual attention, to proactively prevent and redirect challenging behavior, and to respond to children’s needs with respect, warmth, and empathy. 

Our Preschool

Our preschool curriculum is a mix of the AMI and Preschool methods. It is child-centered, nurturing and supportive while engaging in a natural environment. It promotes the holistic development of young children by focusing on physical, social, emotional and intellectual aspects of growth.

accommodate kids as per the following categories.

  • 1.5 to 2.5 Toddler group
  • 2.5 to 3.5 Play group
  • 3.5 to 4.5 Nursery
  • 4.5 to 5.5 Pre-grade

Our Childcare

We provide around the clock childcare wiping out your worries as a working parent. We fulfill all requirements of your child’s safety, positive growth and development as their priority. We are committed to fulfill this requirement to the best of our ability through our well trained and caring staff. We also look after your child’s healthy and well balanced diet requirements. We also provide the facility for the parents to watch their children at their comfort by enabling them to watch their kids through our real-time CCTV access.

All our staffs are first-aid trained and also trained on the nutritional and hygiene needs of children. We believe motherly instinct is a must when taking care of kids and this is exactly the level of childcare we provide for the children.

Our Team

Our main aim is to enrich the lives of the hatch kids and their families by providing meaningful lifelong learning and best care. Our staffs promise to give your children a motherly care and warmth. You could enjoy a peaceful and successful day at your workplace, while we take best care of your children.

  • Ann Perera – Co-founder
  • Anjalie Fernando – Co-Founder

What Parents Say

  • On the very first day, l was really impressed by the space and the set out of this wonderful place “The Hatch". Everything was with modern applications and nicely arranged. Two core persons are really professional to work with and other staff are also friendly and genuinely helpful. I feel really comfortable leaving my child in the centre as it’s like her second home. I would like to recommend the Hatch and wish them all the best for their future endeavors!
    - Parents of Mihadi

  • Enrolling our son at "The Hatch" was a wise decision we made as parents. We visited many preschool and childcare centres before making this important decision and we were impressed by the ambience, safety measures, facilities, clean and tidy environment maintained by them. The founders, Anjalie and Ann are really friendly, responsive and supportive. They have done a wonderful job to provide a warm and caring environment to my small one. I'm so glad that I found "The Hatch" as I can see how happy my son is at the end of the day. I wish "The Hatch" all the best.
    - Parents of Hasandu

  • Hatch is fully equipped with latest technology, equipment and other resources that provides a safety net for my daughter to grow up in. She loves being a part of friendly nourishing environment that is full of fun engaging activities. We have been there from day one and are ever so grateful for the lovely staff members for constantly delivering high level of service through dedication. Thank you hatch for being a wonderful home away from home for my little girl
    - Parents of Aubrey

  • From the moment we walked into The Hatch, we knew this was the right place for our 2 kids. We can go to work with full confidence that our Kids are in a caring, safe, and educational environment. Our main concern was that our son & daughter would be showed love and treated like one of their own and not get lost in the shuffle of a busy daycare.
    The Hatch team loved and cared for our kids as if they were their own. They have been so accommodating to their individual needs while teaching them fundamental social skills, routines, and learning skills. I am amazed at how much they have learned and grown through the programs at The Hatch. It makes me happy knowing that the decision we made positively affects our kids. Thank you Anjalie, Ann and the team for giving our kids a wonderful home away from home!
    -Parents of Mithum and Kiana

  • The Hatch is great! The caregivers are organized, friendly, empathetic, and attentive. As a parent, they provide me with peace of mind by giving my daughter an educative, and fun-filled day. The fact that nutritious meals are provided (you get the monthly meal plan ahead of time) and there is access to cameras is just wonderful. They use new technologies and learning methods so kids learn to play, explore, and be independent, also their online videos provide a lens into their ethos and caring philosophy. I mean, who else provides martial arts classes, singing and dancing lessons during the week, and also thinks of creating activity packs for parents and kids to be involved in during the Covid-19 lockdown times. Just amazing!
    -Parents of Maya

  • Thanks to the team and the two entrepreneurial co-founders Anjalie and Ann at The Hatch, I can go to work with maximum satisfaction and confidence knowing that my kids are being looked after very well with care. My two boys are very happy to spend the day there and they come home as happy, which gives me great comfort beyond a doubt.The food served is well prepared and healthy and my elder son loves it. I can also see the comfort and care given by the care takers to my youngest through real time CCTV access. I wish everyone at The Hatch all the very best in their future endeavors and may you continue the great service!
    - Parents of Inura and Yanura

  • We were a little nervous about the whole concept of daycares and how it functions. We never thought that we could face this situation so easily until I got to know about The Hatch.
    Hatch, as the meaning resembles, it helps our young birdies to get on with the hard time when their loved ones are away. It became a home away from home. My daughter loves the place from the very first day, and she keeps on asking after school are we going there today. As a working mum it was such a relief for me, because I know that my child is in safe hands. Hatch gave my little one a place full of love, care and warmth. The calm, quite surrounding and child friendly environment enhance the quality of the place. We are always grateful for the founders Anjalie, Ann and their team for the efforts to keep the happy smiles of our children. Hatch, the place where our little feet rest in safe hands.
    - Parents of Yenuthi

  • Deciding to send my second child Nikil to a daycare was a really tough decision for me. I was in doubt and was hunting for the best place for him when I came to know about "The Hatch". I would like to thank aunty Esther for letting me know about "The Hatch".
    There were several outstanding features I found at "The Hatch" which helped me to ease my doubts. Nikil was 1 year and 3 months then and they were willing to take care of him and adjust according to his daily routine. One to one care of a nanny was a huge relief. Time and effort, they put into feeding my kid is impressive. Providing access to real time CCTV was a huge plus for me. Friendly and flexible nature of Anne & Anjalie is to be appreciated.
    At the end of the day; Nikil is happy so mummy is happy.
    Truly happy I found this place for Nikil.
    Thanks Anne & Anjalie
    Keep it up...
    -Parents of Nikhil

  • The Hatch made our lives easier with providing kids friendly meals. The information they provide on our munchkin's daily temperature and notices through the App gives us comfort our little one remains safe during the Pandemic times as well. Most admirable amongst the facilities Hatch provides is their motivated staff who have made our kiddo have a smile throughout the day which could be viewed first hand via their real time CCTV provision for parents One of the key aspects I prefer in their set of skills is the time and effort taken to feed our little one which we really admire. I guess this has been possible with both the owners Ann and Anjalie staying at the premises throughout. The staff having a proper first aid training comforts us to know our little munchkin is in safe hands.
    Thank you, Ann, and Anjalie, keep up the good work!
    - Parents of Yuven

Nursery Parents Meeting

The Hatch is a fully integrated Preschool and Daycare that provides a safe, high quality and nature friendly environment for little ones to learn and grow. We are humbled to be the premier 24/7 childcare facility in Colombo that provides these services under one roof.


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